About Us

Our Story

Three people from different walks of life came together to create a business and a solid brand in the cannabis industry. 

With a solid background in cultivation, we collectively made a decision to move forward with an extraction only business model. The Rhode Island market has tons of top notch cultivators so why fight for space that is already occupied? 

Studding different methods of extraction and refinement across the country Hapi The Brand was born. 

Our vision and mission of Hapi hasn’t changed, since our cultivation days it was always about producing quality products. Products that would pass testing flawlessly, products that we would be proud of, products we would stand be hind blindly. We source only the finest of bio mass that must pass our quality checks and further testing – YES we test our bio mass. 

Our oils are 100% cannabis without any other non-cannabis additives.

We want to provide the Rhode Island market with cannabis based products that will make the market happy. 

Are YOU happy

Our Vision

To see Cannabis used as a primary medicine to treat an assortment of ailments. To see a reversal on the propaganda that has been promoted well before the start of the war on drugs, and to acknowledge what science has told us about Cannabis. 

Our Mission

To develop ways to standardize the use of Cannabis in everyday life.  Create practices that can be replicated to create medicine that can treat common ailments, with no deviation in its compounds and make up. 

Quality Over Quantity

It’s a simple phrase, but its one that we live by. Since day one we have always strived to produced the best product possible.  We only source the best available product. The biomass is tested prior to entering our building, logged and tracked through each stage of its refinement. Regardless if it’s in a vape cartridge, drink, or an eatable; we ensure our product surpasses all regulatory standards before getting to your favorite dispensary. 

our incredible team

People Behind the Science

Tom Mirza
Chief Executive Officer

excerpt here.

Andrew Irby
Operations & Marketing

Andrew has 10+ years of experience within the cannabis industry, along with 20 years experience in marketing.